Presented by the Italian Cultural Institute, I Doc Italy, Open Metropolis Docs and DocHouse.

Friday twenty fourth January | Riverside Studios

The only documentary at any time to get the prime prize at Venice Film Festival, Sacro GRA is a poetic and slyly humorous journey close to the Grande Raccordo Anulare, Rome’s ring-highway highway.

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Gianfranco Rosi insightfully and gracefully observes the every single-day lives of a gallery of intriguing characters living near the highway’s edge. Between them we satisfy an ageing aristocrat who passes his times sprawled out on a couch amidst a extraordinary array of kitsch, an ambulance driver racing from just one incident to a further and a botanist seeking to help save his beloved palm trees from insect infestation.

Wonderfully crafted and deeply evocative, Sacro GRA is a repository of the amazing stories of those at the edges of the at any time-growing universe of Italy’s everlasting metropolis.

The screening was followed by an extended Q&A with Italian director, Gianfranco Rosi in dialogue with Nick Bradshaw (Sight & Seem).

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