Always desired to understand and good tune some fundamental 3D animation that I know on my stop. A little something uncomplicated that does not need any rigging set up. For instance, the pose morph device which I currently have significant mad like with it. Honestly, I can’t animate shit. At all. Interval. But thanks to pose morph, now I could 😀

So to thrust myself to understand and practise, I figured why not make a small scale loopable animation alternatively. So, in this article you go. Decided to develop a small toy city amusement park all through my spare time. The typical isometric scene set up. I must say, I feel I did a quite excellent career with this piece. I like how bouncy each individual component reacts as it seems in the scene.

Hope you’ll like it as much as I do 🙂
Do fall down some recommendations & tricks if you happen to know any beside the pose morph device – that I could understand from as well. Would be excellent to know other wonderful means that I could animate within just C4D 🙂


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