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Cardboards Role In Box Making

Cardboard Introduction Cardboard boxes are primarily used for packing goods or materials. Cardboard referes to various types of paper material which is heavier than paper. To be termed as cardboard, the stiff paper has to be more than 0.006 inch thick. It can be known as paperboard or corrugated fiberboard which are manufactured in the form of flat pieces and then folded to form boxes. Flat sheets are used for sandwiching a central fluting or filling made of corrugated short fiber paper. The central layer is first heated with steam and is passed through corrugated rolls which form the ridges and valleys. A liner sheet is pressed on both sides, before the adhesive dries up and this produces a roll of paperboard or cardboard. Converting machines are used for cutting the rolls of cardboard. Why Cardboard is used for Boxes Corrugated cardboard is the ideal material used for boxes in packaging, protection and the transport of many types of products. The main reason for this is that it provides good insulation to the material stored inside. Secondly, it is also very strong, as fluted layers of paper are sandwiched between puncture-resistant layers of heavy paper. The fluting makes the cardboard box sturdier and also acts as a cushioning when it is crushed. The alignment of the flutes is also appropriate, and this vertical alignment gives added strength to the...

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How To Grow Your Small Business Using Social Media

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to grow your business? Are you looking to attract more leads to your business, or have heard about Social Media Marketing, and now want to try it? As a small business owner you face many challenges – limited capital, minimal support staff and having too much to do in what seems like very little time. So, how do you grow your small business without heavy investment in marketing and advertising? Answer – through the use of technology. Web 2.0 provides you with various tools and techniques that help you to generate leads and increase the exposure of your home-based business. Social media is one such tool. Here’s all you need to know as a small business owner to begin increasing revenues using social media. What is Social Media? Social Media is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, GooglePlus, and MySpace. What is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is using the above mentioned platforms to reach a new audience of consumers and create product brand awareness. By spreading word of a product from user to user, Social Media Marketing strives to gain greater legitimacy for a message because it is shared between trusted “friends.” Which Social Media Channels are most popular? Studies show that Facebook...

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Like to Golf? You Will Love a Personal Golf GPS

Modern technology has changed the way we do many things in our lives. Now modern technology has come to the golf course. Of course there have been improvements in the materials that clubs are made of and certainly the attire has improved over time, but nothing that has come before can improve your game more than a personal golf GPS device. These wonderful little machines can give you the advantages that the pros have without all the work. Pros have the time to go out and walk a course and take measurements that help them decide what clubs to use and how much force to use when striking the ball. Would not it be great if you could have those advantages too? Now you can. A hand held personal golf GPS device uses satellite technology to give you accurate measurements not only for each and every hole on the course, but also relay to you the distance left to the green and the hole after you have hit the ball off the tee. It can also let you know how far you are from bunkers or water hazards. Most personal golf GPS computers will also tell you what par is and keep track of your score for you. Its like having a professional caddy right in the palm of your hand. Not all personal golf GPS devices are alike...

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How to Make Money Online the Easy Way

There are many opportunities to make money online out there but the truth is that most of them are not worth your time.They are meant to enrich the vendors and make you poorer. I have been there and tried a number of them only to get frustrated and left to take care of a huge credit card bill. Do not worry, there are genuine ones that have been tried and tested to bring results.With that in mind you only need to take three steps and make money online the easy way. One of the things you need to put in mind is the market you will put effort in. You need to identify a market that has a huge demand so that all you need to do is to satisfy the already hungry crowd. By so doing they will be more than willing to flood your bank account with money. With that in mind I am going to reveal a market you can venture into and make money in only tree steps. You can make a full time income by building a search engine for free around a hugely popular topic. This topic has a third of all searches on Google and yahoo making it one of the most popular niches today and growing. The topic we are going to target is people search- has a really huge demand...

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Bird Watching – Food to Attract Birds

Bird watching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country. To obtain sightings, you can either go to the birds or try to bring them to you. Bird Watching – Food to Attract Birds First off, birds want nothing from you with one exception. Food is that exception. Just like any animal, the next meal is nearly always on their minds. Of course, that is true for us as well, but I digress! When it comes to birding, you can go to the birds or bring them to you. If you prefer to have them come to you, an understanding of what they like to eat is important. The most obvious food that attracts birds is bread. The image of people feeding birds in the park is an age old one and an accurate one as well. While just about any bread will due, you can do much more. Broken up muffins seem to be high on the culinary list of most birds. Cornbread and donuts are also known to bring them in. On a less obvious note, peanuts should be a staple of your feeding arsenal. The peanuts need to be sheled as most birds have problems cracking them given their size. Unlike humans, you should avoid salted peanuts when tempting our feathered friends. Once you have your peanuts together, you need to give some thought...

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