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Pest Control – Tree Pests

Our trees are under attack. There are a host of insects that feast on trees; some are deadly for them, with no known defense. For many of these bugs, the only solution is cutting down all infected trees and quarantining the area where they have been found. Here are some of them. Bark beetles are devastating to conifer trees. They are all over North America and cause a tremendous amount of damage to them. They kill trees by girdling them so that they can lay their eggs. The girdling of these trees, whether they're healthy of not, kills them by halting the flow of sap. These are among the worst pine tree invaders in the United States. Gypsy moths are one of the worst hardwood tree insect pests. They have killed millions of acres of hardwood forest since their introduction to this country. They hatch in the spring from eggs laid in trees and can quickly defoliate an entire one. The first time may not kill the tree but it can if it happens enough times. Emerald ash borers are an exotic species of beetle originally from Asia. While the adults will eat small quantities of foliage, it's the larvae that are the real problem. They feed on the inner bark of ash trees, girdling them, and preventing the transportation of water and nutrients through the tree. They are...

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Maple Tree and Maple Syrup

The maple syrup started with the North American Indians, thousands of years ago. Tomahawks and North American Indians have made new incisions to remove the sap of the trees from the Maple. Birch barks were used to collect clear saps. It has then increased the popularity and demand for maple syrups. This sweetener is used in many recipes today. There are many ways to extract the syrup. One is to place hot stones in the sap and freeze it. You wait for morning to remove the water layer. They tap the sap with iron drill bits to extract the syrup. Then, they will boil the syrup in metal kettles. The sap was so sweet that many people loved it especially the colonies of North America. They used it as a natural sweetener. During these times, the price of sugar was very expensive and was concentrated to the West Indies only. Maple syrup was used as a cheaper alternative to sugar. However, come the twenty century, sugar became inexpensive while maple syrup prices soared. And thus, sugar is now more common than maple syrups. Maple syrup producing trees are not only in the selected regions of North America. They are present in the provinces of New Brunswick, Quebec in Canada, Nova Scotia and Vermont States and New York of United States. Maple tree has a life span of up to...

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Health Benefits of Maple Tree and Syrup

Maple syrups come from the saps of maple trees. There are certain processes involved in extracting the syrup from the sap, the most common being that used with a sap sprout. The sap has more water than sugar, like around 98%. So to get that 2% of syrup is definitely a very tedious process. The process involves boiling the sap to evaporate most of the water inside. It will be then easier to extract the sugary syrup once the water content vanishes. Maple syrups are produced by sugar makers in sugar houses using evaporator and pans. They fill the pans with saps and boil them. The water from the tap turns to steam and then goes out of the sugar house. The syrup is ready when the sap is boiling in 7oF. The extraction needs a lot of patience because it is a very slow process. Forty gallons of sap will only produce one gallon of a very pure maple syrup. When the syrup is ready, it has to be filtered to eliminate the sugar sand found in the mixture. This slow process is probably the reason maple syrups are more expensive than sugar. Even if extracting the syrup takes a lot of time, it is still worth it, considering the many benefits it entails. Maple syrup is one rich source of manganese and zinc. Manganese produces energy and...

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The Mighty Chobe in Botswana

Botswana is one of the few African countries that has a stable government, is rich in minerals, exquisite in natural beauty and has a strong currency. Their currency is, at this point, even stronger than the South African Rand. Even though South Africa is mostly seen as the advanced and stable country in Africa, Botswana never had any political instability or tribal wars like 90% of the other African countries experienced at some stage after independence. The northern part of Botswana has the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe river and National Park. Accommodation and travel to these areas are very expensive. I could find only two backpackers hostels in Botswana of which one is in Gaberone. Gaberone is definitely not a tourist area. After speaking to people that own land in Botswana and have inside information on the country, I understood the objective behind this. Botswana’s main concern is protecting their natural resources, unlike many other African countries. They don’t want unappreciative tourists to flood the country on a cheap vacation. The areas stay tranquil and quiet. It obviously enriches the experience for the tourists visiting and add to the luxurious atmosphere. The Chobe National park has one of the biggest elephant populations in Africa. You are guaranteed wonderful close up views of these elegant and powerful animals during a drive through the park or a boat cruise...

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SWTOR Jedi Knight Class Review

Star Wars the Old Republic is finally here and it's time to grab your lightsaber to defend the Republic and bring down the Empire. This will be a quick SWTOR Jedi Knight Class Review to show you what this class has to offer. The Jedi Knight is the peace keeper of the Republic and they enforce that peace with their lightsaber and the powers of the Force. They wear heavy armor and through their training in the force they have a mixture of incredible lightsaber maneuvers as well as force pushes and holds. The Jedi knights starting abilities are: Strike: B asic quick melee attack Slash: Deals moderate damage Force Vitality: Increases the endurance of friendly target Introspection: Restores health (must be out of combat to use) Quick Travel: Teleport to a bind point Weapon Proficiency : Lightsaber Armor Proficiency : Heavy You will have 2 advanced classes to choose from, Jedi Sentinel or Jedi Guardian once you reach the appropriate level. The Jedi Sentinel is the dps spec. You can dual wield lightsabers and use the force to spot weaknesses in your opponent. You will have 2 main skill trees, Watchman which has the Juyo form which makes you more dangerous as the fight goes on or Combat which uses the Ataru form for burst damage. The Guardian is the tanking spec. Your 2 main skill trees are,...

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