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Author: mandmweb

A Research in Brown

Hurry Up Remember to Its Time What is loss of life, I talk to. What is life, you talk to. I give them both my buttocks, my two wheels rolling off toward Nirvana. They are neat as a wallet, opening and closing on their coins, the quarters, the nickels, straight into the crapper. Why shouldn’t I pull down my trousers and moon the executioner as perfectly as paste raisins on my breasts? Why shouldn’t I pull down my trousers and demonstrate my little cunny to Tom and Albert? They wee-wee funny. I wee-wee like a squaw. I have ink...

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Magna Carta

I have viewed it. The Magna Carta… nicely, one particular duplicate of it, from Durham Cathedral… is touring some of the big towns of Canada. This autumn was Toronto’s flip, and we just about missed it. P-Doug introduced it up some time back but for some rationale, we didn’t capture on. He noticed it. Larry and I understood a weekend back we had been about to pass up our possibility, and so we obtained tickets for the really past day, this previous Saturday, and the 3 of us went. The Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest had...

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