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Month: December 2017

Get a Longer Battery Life From Your Palm Pre

Poor Battery Life One of the greater frustrations of the Palm Pre, is the disappointingly poor battery life that is has. Often times, a fully charged phone may not last even for a full day. You can however, easily extend the life of your battery by trying some or all of the following suggestions. * Stop automatic email check or extend duration between checks – (click envelope icon, click 'email' and open preferences. Select your account and change settings). * Turn brightness setting to the lowest (screen and lock settings). * Change 'turn off' feature to 30 seconds (screen and lock settings). * Turn off blue tooth and wifi. * Log out of instant messengers (messaging settings). * Turn off 'auto locate' (location services settings). * Turn off 'background data collection' (location services settings). * Avoid listening to music, viewing video, etc – (counterintuitive to its use, but media does require greater battery usage). * Charge when able – (intuitive, but a ten minute charge can go a long way). * Purchase an extended battery. Palm pre comes with an 1150mAh battery, but upgrades of 1350mAh and 2600mAh – to use as primary or as a backup. These tips should help you get a longer life out of your phone on days you may be away from steady electricity. It should be noted that the extended battery also extends...

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Palm Treo Phones – Perfect Smart Phones

Telecommunication has taken the world much ahead with the invention of mobile phones. Waiting to make a call and struggling with land lines are now old tales. Even mobile phones are now becoming more hi-tech with more technological innovations taking place. With a large number of players entering into the field of telecommunications, the technology has really taken a huge rise resulting the entry of more advanced model of mobile phones into the mobile phone market. The Palm Treo smart phones developed by Handspring were purchased by Palm, Inc. The phones developed and maintained by Palm Inc. consists of various integrated features including the facility to check the calendar while talking to someone in the phone, to make a dial straight from the contact list and e-mailing services. Of course, the phone does have a built in camera with digital quality and high resolution by the help of which, the user is able to capture the picture and store in the phone. If following the traditional aspect Treo run Palm OS will definitely permit the synchronization with both Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows. The latest model from Palm Treo, the Treo 600 is a full- featured phone combined with a Palm OS organizer with wireless applications including email, text messaging, web browsing and digital camera. The most attractive and interesting feature of this mobile phone is its size. It...

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Landscaping Tips – Why Lining Up Palm Trees So Close Limits Your Landscaping Options

The tropically fault of heart may want to defer to another article, or adversely, read with an open mind. For they are about to experience a visual and educational awakening when it comes to proper placement of palm trees within a yard. Here are some tips on properly spacing the planting of palm trees within your own yard. Now, I have nothing against palm trees . In the home we own, we just happened to be struggling with the decision a previous owner made to plant 7 towering Queen Palms in a small backyard space. Were in not for the fact that we peer out our first floor windows at nothing but tree trunks, rather than beautiful tree foliage, I would not be writing this article. However, it is not just our struggle from which these tips come about, but the hundreds if not thousands of current and future palm tree purchasers and planters who will fail to understand the growth habits and space needs of some of the larger varieties. Or, a similar hundreds if not more thousands who know the growth habits, but insist that lining up palm tress like dominoes along each side of their driveway is a good thing. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding to plant palm trees in your landscape scheme, some for aesthetic reasons, and others for prevention...

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We Broke Up and He Hasn’t Called – How to Get Him to Call Back

It is a real dilemma, you broke up with your ex boyfriend and he hasn’t called. You really want him back but you do not want to call him because he might need some space and time away from you. And you can not afford to let him without any kind of contact because you are afraid he might know another girl and start dating. This is a battle of patience and time, you are right because you do not want to call him, he might find you needy or desperate to get back to him, and at the same time you do not want him to lose hope, start to move on and begin seeing other girls. The balance is what you need in this situation. You do not want to look like you are so desperate to be with him again, and you do not want him to lose any hope of getting back to you. So, what you have to do in these situations? I think the best solution for this is to make your ex call you, opening the lines of communications with your ex is a good sign you could get back together, but you do not want to be the first one to do it. Because that might mean that you are the weaker side, and then your ex will begin to force...

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Keeping Rear Fanged Snakes As Pets!

There are four basic dental structures within the world of snakes. The Aglyphous group simply means that this group of snakes possess no elongated teeth what so ever. This group encompasses snakes of the Boa and Python family as well as various others. Next is the Ophistoglyphous group. This is the group from which this paper is written about. Though not technically a fang, the ophistoglyphous group do possess elongated rear teeth. There is a groove running from top to bottom on the anterior aspect of the tooth. This groove channels saliva from the gum line downward into the wound caused by the elongated teeth. Gravity is the only force working to drive the saliva into the would as there is no gland or holding apparatus surrounded by muscles to force the saliva downward. In order for a true envenomation to take place the rear fanged snake must hold on to its prey item and actively work its fangs into the wound. This gives the required time needed for the saliva to flow down the channeled fang and into the wound. A minimum of ten to twenty seconds would be required for the saliva to make the trip from gum line to the wound. The longer the snake remains attached to its subject, the more serious the envenomation will become. A great deal depends upon the toxicity of the...

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