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Month: December 2017

Tea Tree, A Remedy For Many Daily Problems

Tea tree is the name given to a couple of unrelated plants. Don’t confuse it with the common leaves from which black and green tea can be made. It was named so in the eighteenth century by sailors and they used to make tea that smells like nutmeg from the leaves of these plants. But the oil extracted from this tree is good for a lot of problems of the skin including acne, fungal infections, scabies and ring worms. The oil is widely popular, it is commercially available and it comes from the tree Melaleuca Alternifolia. The color of the oil varies from clear to yellow and it is prepared by the distillation of the leaves and is not used for consumption. The product is seen as a natural medicine and was mainly used by the Bundjalung people. Traditionally it was used even as an antiseptic to treat for the wounds. It is very protective against fungal infections, infections of the nail, bacterial infections and against skin diseases. It is said that smelling these leaves can relieve you from a lot of respiratory problems including cold and cough. The features of this oil includes being effective to control the problems of head lice and is also known to be effective against dandruff. It also proves to be useful against viral disease such as chickenpox and herpes. Yeast infections can...

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Why Finding Investment Deals Is Like Hunting Monkeys In The Jungle!

No monkeys have been harmed in the writing of this article … I want you to imagine you're in the jungle. Somewhere in the jungle there's a palm tree with some monkeys up it. Your job is to get those monkeys down from the tree. What a lot of new property investors do is go up to one tree that they think looks particularly good. They spend the entire day just shaking at that tree, and shouting and throwing coconuts up at it. Later on, they discover that the monkeys were never up that special tree. OK, this is a metaphor. The tree that the monkey is in the property where you're going to find a really profitable deal. There's not a really profitable deal on every property you look at, nor is there a monkey up every single tree in our imaginary jungle. What successful property investors do is come up with a way to, as it were, run through the jungle shaking every tree really quickly and listening out for when the monkeys squeak. That's to say, successful property investors do not spend all their time just working on one so-called "deal of a lifetime." At networking events, and from my mentees, I regularly hear: I'm working on a deal, if this comes off it's going to make me rich. In my experience, that one deal is...

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3 Tree Fertilization Techniques

Landscape and urban trees typically grow in soils that do not contain sufficient elements due to disruption of the nutrient cycle by pavement, buildings and roads. Also, leaves, the driver of the nutrient cycle, are raked up before decomposing and micro-organism's can not break stuff down. The key to tree fertilization is distributing the right amount of nutrients at the right time. Macro-nutrients are nutrients that trees need the most and is frequently deficient in a tree. Signs are reduced growth, smaller leaves and the yellowing of leaves. Secondary nutrients or nutrients needed in moderate amounts include phosphorus, potassium and sulfur. Micronutrients are nutrients that trees need in small amounts. Many times it can be hard to tell what nutrient is deficient as the symptoms may overlap. However, it is worth finding as you may be wasting fertilizer on a tree that needs something different. If you see leaf discoloration or other unhealthy signs on the bark, test the tree to get an idea of ​​what might be missing. Tree fertilization application techniques vary based on the foliage, tree condition, the time of year and your preference for using "greener" techniques. 1. Surface Application The fertilizer is broadcast over the ground surface using a spreader. The advantage is it's ease, with very little special equipment required. The disadvantage is lots of residual chemicals on your lawn. 2. Sub-surface Application...

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