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Month: December 2017

Guide to Growing Chilli Peppers

Growing Chillies Contrary to popular belief it is reliably easy to successfully grow chillies, even in the reliably tepid climates of Northern Europe or North America. No special equipment is required and they can be treated in much the same way as a gardener would treat tomato plants. Chilli Seed Germination Chilli seeds should be planted in early spring, however many growers try to extend the growing season by starting them off as early as January. The advantage of starting early in the year is extending the fruiting period later in the season. Chilli Seeds can simply be planted in a seed tray under about 1cm of fine compost, much the same as any other plant Ideally the seeds should be kept indoors or in a heated greenhouse during germination as the seeds need heat in order to start the sprouting phase . Once the seeds have sprouted they require light in addition to heat. At this stage make sure the seeds are placed by a nice sunny window inside or in a heated greenhouse as mentioned above. Be sure during the germination process to ensure that the compost is kept moist and does not dry out too much. Potting On As soon as the seeds are about 5-10cm tall they are ready to pot on. This simply means transferring the seeds from the tray into individual pots. Rather...

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Cool Down And Escape The Heat With Shade Trees

Lately people at our retail garden store are looking for large shade type trees. And like most of us they want instant gratification. Yea, during the summer they want instant shade and they want it now. Of course money is a big factor in purchasing shade trees. Did you know you can reduce the need for an air conditioner in a home or building by as much as 25 percent, that's a big savings on your electric bill! On the average it is about 10 degrees cooler underneath a good shade tree. If your landscaping budget is tight I suggest purchasing a small to medium sized shade tree at your local nursery. Not only will it cost less but you will have the ability to deliver and plant if yourself, so saving you even more money. If money is not a factor (you lucky dog) then the larger the better. Below are descriptions and types of shade trees that will do well in the southwestern heat. The weeping willow tree or Salix babylonica: This tree grows extremely fast can double sometimes triple in size about 2-3 years. They can grow to about 50-60ft. tall and about 30-40 ft wide. They have long pendular type limbs that hang low giving it that "weeding" look. The leaves are small and narrow but numerous which is ideal for shade. It is one...

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Sedona, Arizona – Land of Natural Beauty

When people think of Arizona vacation spots, the typical idea is to see the Grand Canyon, the golf resorts of Scottsdale, or even the old OK Corral in Tombstone. Few think of Sedona, Arizona – we think of it Arizona’s best kept secret. As Arizona natives, we promise that if you take a trip to Sedona, it will be one of the most memorable vacations you will ever take. The possible experiences, attractions, and tours are endless. Whether you are looking for a relaxing place to unwind, some fantastic photo opportunities, or to become closer to nature and learn more about yourself, Sedona holds the key to everything you are looking for in a vacation. Rich in history and culture, you will learn and relax all at the same time. Knowing a little more about its history will ensure that you fully take advantage of all this area has to offer, as well as prepare yourself for the experiences you are interested in. Nature lovers will fully be in their element here. Sedona is nestled in Arizona’s high desert, situated under the towering Southwestern rim of the mighty Colorado plateau. It is perfect as a travel destination because it usually has four mild seasons with plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and natural beauty. The annual average high and low temperatures tend to be 74.7 and 45.7 degrees respectively. The...

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Three Easy Steps for Growing Tomato Plants

If you want to start growing tomato plants so you can enjoy fresh natural nutrition, this article is for you. I am going to share with you three easy steps for growing tomato plants that taste great and give you great nutrition! First I will share with you what seeds to plant. Then, I will give you the information on what your soil should be. Then I will share the basics of watering your tomatoes properly. By reading this article, you will gain a basic understanding of how to grow tomato plants naturally. To start growing tomatoes, you will want to choose your seeds wisely. I always use heirloom seeds. Heirloom seeds have been continuously saved and used for at least 50 years. They are organic and will produce the tomatoes that produce the sweetest taste and the most nutrients. Give yourself a variety to plant and try. I believe that you can get 10 varieties for $ 18. Now that you have some seeds to plant, you need some soil to grow them in! To start growing tomato plants, you will germinate the seeds by placing the seeds in small containers with a damp seed starter mix soil. Make sure the seeds are in contact with the soil. After the seeds have sprouted, you will want to transfer the seeds into larger containers with the following paths: proper...

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