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Month: November 2017

Bonsai History

Bonsai is the practice of growing single tree in pots. This practice was wide spread in China over a thousand years before it was referred to as pun-sai. This art had specific specimens that had little or sparse foliage and it had rugged or gnarled trunks that resembled dragons or birds. Although it is a Chinese tradition, the bonsai trees were taken up by the Japanese between the years 1185 to 1333, that is the Kamakura period, this Chinese culture was taken there by the then fast spreading Zen Buddhism. The culture is thought to have been introduced into Japan in the AD 1195, though debatable. The mentioned time could possibly be accurate in that there is mention of it in a Japanese scroll attributed to that time. When this Chinese tradition was introduced into Japan, it was refined much more than it had been in its original country. The bonsai trees were bound within the Buddhist monks and monasteries, but later on they were allowed to represent prestige and honor. The Japanese ideals and philosophy of bonsai represent the ancient beliefs on the harmony of the nature, man and the soul. By 14th century, bonsai was highly refined and this means that it must have been in existence many years before. The words written in the Japanese scroll stated that finding pleasure and appreciating the plants was to...

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Tea Tree Oil for Acne – All You Need to Know

What is tea tree oil? The tea tree is a plant native to Australia. The leaves of the tree were used as substitute for tea in the past thus giving the tree its name. The native Australian aboriginals used the leaves to treat a variety of skin conditions from cuts on the skin to infections, scrapes, burns and insect bites. They crushed the leaves and applied it on the affected part. Medicinal properties Oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree through a process of steam distillation. The main component of this oil is called terpenoids. This ingredient has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Terpinen-4-ol is the most abundant compound in the oil and is thought to be the source of the antimicrobial quality. These properties make it to be of use in the cosmetic industry. Some of the conditions that can be treated with this oil include, foul breath, athlete's foot, cold sores, body odors and acne. Tea tree oil infiltrates to the lower skin layers with its disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-killing) and cicatrizant (wound-healing) qualities. Additionally the oil has a diaphoretic effect which means that it Promotes sweating. This is useful because it enhances the body's own natural defensive response when threatened by infection. This oil should be used together with other natural methods of treating acne such as vitamin supplements, a healthy diet plan...

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Tucson Arizona Water Tastes Horrible Say Residents

Appropriately Tucson residents just hate the taste of their water and say it is not fit to drink, so before they are considering how it should taste through a citizens panel. The City will set up taste samples and then allow the citizens to decide. They proposed a rather novel approach. Rather than going door to door and then allowing people to vote on the water taste of the samples, they will be allowing kiosk machines at the mall to do the voting for them. You simply go to the mall and taste the water from each sample and pick one and press the button? How simple is that? Which two types will they sample? Well one will be a blend of groundwater and the other will be the water from the Central Arizona Water Project which is a long canal from the Colorado River at the border of the state with California. The Colorado River water has magnesium, calcium, sulfates and chlorides in it. The ground water mixture has 450 parts per million of minerals and the Colorado River water has 650 parts per million. Depending on which one citizens pick they may build a $ 350 million dollar filtration plant to remove some of the minerals. Some people say they can not taste the difference, some say they can. But also realize that more minerals cause build...

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Lighted Palm Trees

Palm trees make up a wide range of plants from the Palmae family. It is easy to spot a palm tree, as they have a unique unbranched trunk. Their leaves can be classified as pinnate or palmate leaves, depending upon palm type and their place of origin. They have a reputation of being tropical plants, but numerous types of palm can survive in colder temperatures. These sturdy plants require a long time to reach optimum growth or maturity and are known to have a long lifespan. They represent fertility, abundance and have the strength to stand the test of time. However as a result of this gradual growth pattern, people tend to opt for artificial palm trees that serve as outdoor and indoor decorative options for any occasion. Lighted palm trees are available in various sizes to imitate different palm types. However, it is important to know that manufacturers have experienced with palm types making them available in various color types. This includes red, yellow, orange and blue. These fake trees are fitted with electric lights using variants of sequence lights and rope lights. Lighted palm tree trunks are made of multiple components. They have strong inner bases with decorative and durable materials fitted to replicate real trunks. They are made available with sturdy fasteners to secure them on concrete, asphalt or wooden bases. When selecting lighted palm trees,...

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Arizona Horseback Riding Adventures

The famous terrain of the old Southwest of Arizona sounds good does it not. The small population of areas of Arizona and Utah is an ideal place for Arizona horseback riding adventures. The area in this part of the country can have a haunting effect on you. Some will say that this part of the land is the most beautiful they have ever seen and rode a horse in, but the mountains areas are just peaceful looking and create a perfect place to ride a horse. The rock formations will amaze you as you take a scenic ride on horseback. An equestrian experience such as this can make this experience unforgettable. Along with the Arizona terrain there are the Navajo Indians who have maintained many of their ancient traditions to this day and visitors can purchase a piece of Navajo history. From the flat lands to the mountainous terrain of the Superstitious Mountains, there is plenty to experience. If you are a novice rider there are some of the most experienced and seasoned instructors in the nation right here. If you want to visit another wonder of the world Arizona horseback riding can take you on an adventure in the Grand Canyon. You can explore new territory as a more experienced rider or travel down one of the most historic cattle drives in this land. Some of the tours...

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