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Month: October 2017

Bed Bugs – How Do They See?

Although bed bugs love feeding on human blood they do not have eyes that see like human beings. These parasitic creatures have what is called a compound eye structure. It is thought that they do not see in color, that they visualize in black and white. A bed bugs eye is made up of hundreds of eye lenses called facets that fit together in a hexagon structure. An easy way to picture what this insects eye looks like is to think of a bee honey comb in a conical shape and not flat. It is like a soccer ball, but on a smaller, more complex level. The individual facets consist of two lenses, one on the surface and one on the inside. The bed bugs dual lens eye structure allows it to see in 3-D. All of these facets fitted together construct the parasites eye. These facets are connected to tubes that focus light down a central structure called the rhabdome. The rhabdome is light sensitive and directs the information through an optic nerve to the bugs brain. Each individual facet in the bed bugs eye sends a different picture to it’s brain. When all these pictures are processed and put together a mosaic is created. This 3-D mosaic is how the bed bug can see it’s human host. It is not known if, as the bed bug moves,...

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Income From Home: How to Survive a Career Change in the Economy Today

Ahh, working from home. You wake up when you are done sleeping, then enjoy a lovely breakfast at your kitchen table while you sip on coffee and read the paper. While everyone else is stuck in a sea of cars on their way to a fluorescent-lit office building, you embark upon your 30-second (depending on the size of your house) commute down the hall to your office. Before you give your boss the pink slip and take the big plunge though, take a brief inventory of your tendencies and preferences to see if earning income from home truly is your style. 1) Do you want a job or a business? There is no right or wrong answer here. If you are prefer to be an employee and not the boss, there are plenty of legitimate work-from-home opportunities. If, however, you are ready to break through the glass ceiling that comes with the game of working for somebody else, it may be your time to have your own business. 2) Are you disciplined? When you work from home, the good news is you are your own boss. The bad news is, you are your own boss. This brings a whole new type of accountability. Nobody is looking over your shoulder to make sure you are doing your job. Discipline, though, is not a natural born talent. You can develop the...

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Lean, As Well As Green, Living Combines Best Of Each Concept

A popular lifestyle trend, advocated by many who profess to live responsibly, is the voluntary simplicity movement. In its raw form, minimal living requires that we eschew material wealth, and look to a standard of living that involves the least amount of possessions. Simultaneously, the environmental movement demands that we create the smallest eco-footprint that we can, guarding the environment preciously. Both lifestyles appear to have much in common, yet, oddly, there is only a nominal effort to blend the two together. There is a vociferous opposition to the eco-friendly concept by those that seek to deny the reality of climate change. The anti-tree hugger groups gravitate toward the argument that, since global warming is a myth (or, at best, not caused by human actions), there is no need to spend effort on protecting the ecology of the earth. These people miss the point of being eco-friendly. I live a modest lifestyle, yet do not begrudge those that have wealth and show it. The promise built into the anti-environment people's argument is that, if what they do will cause no serious harm, then there is no reason to discontinue being disrespectful and selfish regarding pollution problems. Extrapolating that argument to the middle / upper income situation then, I should be able to simply take what I want from those who have affluence, simply because it will have no monetary...

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Public Death Records Online

Death records can be useful when researching your family tree, trace a reasonably heir or when trying to locate friends and family. Death records have been made available since 1919 via certified copies of death records. These details can now be accessed via the Internet for increased ease, speed and effectiveness. Often these records list details such as the name of the confirmed, date of birth as well as the date and location of death. Public records can help you to find lost relatives who have deceased, find out more about your family tree and can even be used to help locate possible heirs. It is not only death records that you can access online but also birth records, marriage records, divorce records, criminal records, sex offender records and more. This information is available for each state, meaning you can search public records across many states – all in the comfort of your own home! This absolutely means you can get the information you wish a lot faster and have a higher chance of your records search being effective. Death records and are available online but there are a few ponts to bear in mind when searching online. When you search such records online it is important to ensure you use a secure service which is confidential. This information can all be accessed in one place if you use...

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Detailed Tactics for A Successful Client Engagement

In the Information Age with the dominance of digital communications, there are additional challenges to developing and carrying out a successful client engagement strategy. However, the basics still apply. One must know their clients; businesses must stay in the client's focus, and always be part of the client's conversation. Businesses must use branding and messaging to connect with their clients. The businesses' staff and employees are an important tool for client engagement, and they help build trust and reinforce the organization's brand. It is particularly true of financial services; the financial advisor is an important part of building successful, lasting Client relationships. Know the Clients It is critical to a successful client engagement to know the client base. It is not enough to know about those already doing business with the organization. One must have a strong concept of why people need financial advisory services today and the growth sectors for the future. Arizona and the Southwest region have attractive weather and scenic communities that draw people from across the United States and other parts of the world. It is an ideal place to settle and retire. The region appeals to people with many different financial needs. Financial advisors must have the skills and personal abilities to work with people of many age groups and diverse backgrounds. The skills include a wide range of financial needs from family and...

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